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Mini PIR sensor manual

Mini PIR sensor – User Information



The mini PIR sensor is a self-contained unit for use with the VersaTrigger system, detection range is approximately 2 metres.  No batteries are required as the sensor is powered via the MIC socket, detection is via the AUX socket.  The delay control will still vary the delay, however, the gain control will have no effect on the operation of the PIR sensor.


1. Setup

Position the PIR sensor approximately 1.5 to 2 metres away from the zone where the subject will be detected and secure in position, plug the two connectors into the appropriate sockets of the VersaTrigger.  Switch the VersaTrigger on and leave for about two minutes for the PIR sensor to stabilise, during this time the red trigger LED will probably flash several times.  Once a steady green LED is present walk into the detection zone and confirm that the red trigger LED flashes, try this a few times to confirm that the detection zone is correct.

Set up the camera and manually focus on the detection zone, connect the camera cable between the VersaTrigger and the camera.  Wait for a steady green LED and walk into the detection zone, the camera should now operate.


2. Points to Consider

The VersaTrigger has an in-built 2.5 second secondary trigger inhibit (this is 5 seconds on earlier versions with no letter prefix on the serial number), what this means is that once the system is triggered it will be inhibited for this duration, even though the PIR sensor has detected movement and the red trigger LED is illuminating it will not re-trigger the camera.

Foliage is an excellent radiator of infrared (take a look at any infrared images on the web), positioning the sensor such that any foliage is within range may cause false triggering, this will be exacerbated if there is a breeze and the foliage is moving.  Generally, try to position the sensor such that it is facing downwards onto the detection zone and not detecting any stray movement due to a breeze or unwanted intervention.

3. Detection range and pattern


The detection range of the PIR sensor is approximately 2-3 metres, the detection pattern is a 120° cone pattern (±60° circular pattern from the centre of the fresnel lens).  A plastic collar is supplied with the sensor, this may be secured in place over the PIR lens (adhesive) and will act as a collimator to narrow the detection pattern of the sensor.  A self adhesive pad is also included, this may be attached to the sensor case and, using one of the supplied tyraps, the sensor may be securely attached to another surface.