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The VersaTrigger V3 is our flagship and, with a response time of 5us using the AUX input or 30us using the MIC input, is one of the fastest camera triggers currently available.

It will trigger either a DSLR/mirrorless camera or a flash unit from a wide variety of input sensors, these currently include:

Easy to set up and use, the controls are:

triggering the flash or camera

All connectors are readily available and may be extended using either standard extension cables or those available through VersaTrigger:

The power supply is a standard 9 volt PP3 battery, this is easily fitted by removing the back cover (no screwdriver is necessary).

Please note that a separate camera cable to match your camera needs to be purchased, a full list of available cables may be found on the

camera cables page.

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Sound activated, laser beam break and light camera trigger, all in a single unit.